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Quality Assurance

A step further in promoting excellence for European and worldwide Pharma, Biotech and Academic stakeholders.

FTH quality culture has been a strong element integrated into the entire clinical trial management process, and our Quality Management Unit is responsible for building, ensuring, and strengthening the quality of processes, data, and documentation while implementing exhaustive controls and audits for each stage in clinical research activities. Due to our QA protocol, our TH Observatory Programme Unit is capable to ensure compliance with the rules of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and guarantee that the procedures are carried out according to the requirements established by the competent authorities.

Quality Assurance services include:

  • TMF & ISF Quality Control

  • Quality Assurance for Clinical Trials and Data management 

  • Reference for ICH-GCP Related Issues


  • Training Content Preparation and Delivery

  • Support in GCP Compliance Audits at Site