At the FTH we constantly work both intramural and extramural to integrate a collaborative culture of a set of values ​​that reflect and shape our ways of acting and the culture of our Foundation. These values ​​are structured in 8 as an institution at the corporate level and 3 linked to the 2030 Agenda at the global level:


We pursue a common purpose of quality, integrity, responsibility, transparency and ethics. Our work is carried out in strict compliance with our Standard Work Procedures (SOPs), current legal regulations, the Good Clinical Practice Guide (GCP), drawn up by the International Council for Harmonization (ICH) and adopted by the Spanish Medicines Agency and Health Products (AEMPS), and the ethical principles agreed in The Declaration of Helsinki established by the World Medical Association (WMA) to ensure the protection of the human beings, the well-being of the trials and the future patients who will be the end users of the medicine's development we investigate and work on.


We have a firm commitment to our communities and we empathize with the whole of society to feel that our efforts have social projection


Although we practice teamwork to achieve our goals, we have deep respect for each individual, always trying to support them in the development of their professional career.

Dissemination of scientific knowledge

Through online channels, printed publications, seminars, workshops, webinars, conferences, and other key events.


We are committed to doing our work in the best possible way, with the permanent search for excellence and continuous improvement in our services. We base our work on research and innovation to help our clients find successful solutions. At the same time, we support our colleagues and collaborators, and for our own continuous training, and the increase of our knowledge.


We practice open communication, with honesty and respect, both internally (with our employees) and externally (with our clients); in order to achieve the best results in our projects.


Adapting our planning at all times to the needs of our clients and stakeholders. Customized for each specific project and/or clinical trial. Therefore, our methodology must be adapted to a multiple technical framework of scope, complexity, relevance, capacity and risk.

Learning from experience and previous projects 

Any lesson learned during the project and/or development of our services must be documented - in a lesson register. Each project is unique, which creates an 'element of risk' in each process. In this context, we can affirm that each project has some unknowns, which must be analyzed.


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At all times we try to establish communication and collaboration networks, both between members of the FTH and IFTH and with our clients and collaborating partners; increasing collective talent.

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In the recruitment and promotion of personnel, we value excellence and personal effort without making any discrimination based on gender, race or beliefs of any kind.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS): Although developing our services with professionalism is essential to improve the lives of human beings, we also believe in creating a healthier and happier scenario, in which we can prevent certain diseases, epidemics and pandemics. We are convinced that it is needing to adopt a focused approach in order to achieve a positive impact through social outreach, investing part of our benefits in promoting progressive investment in R&D research and in sustainable cooperation and development projects.

At the FTH we continually work to improve our employees' adherence to these values ​​that underpin all the activities of our Foundation. With this we intend to configure the best strategies to achieve the objectives of our mission.