Servicios de Calidad en Investigación Clínica.

We are a different CRO, with a unique vision. The benefits that we obtain through applied research projects are invested on basic research activities and capacity building projects within R&D research framework.

Our goal is to offer all the experience collected during more than two decades of activity in the clinical research scene at the service of your project. We have a multisectoral structure and a team of specialists capable of adapting to the particular needs of each project and, more importantly, solving unforeseen events and risks that may arise using the most effective and analytical approach and methodology.

Through our specialized teams of CTAs, monitors, project managers, statisticians, and pharmacologists, we contribute to the successful execution of any clinical trial, from a first administration in humans, to post-authorization studies. Currently, our areas of expertise are:

  • Diseño y Elaboración del Protocolo

  • Comunicación con Autoridades del Sector Salud (locales e internacionales) y Puesta en Marcha

  • Monitorización

  • Análisis de Datos e Informe Final

  • Project Management

Desde la FTH realizamos nuestro trabajo bajo los más altos estándares de calidad y siguiendo estrictamente la guía de BPC y nuestros propios procedimientos estandarizados (PNT). La medida del éxito en la FTH es llevar a cabo estudios clínicos de la manera más efectiva y optimizando recursos, reduciendo los plazos en cada fase del estudio; siempre en cumplimiento con el marco regulatorio vigente. 

Project Management

Un único / a responsable será asignado a su proyecto. Él / ella será quien dé apoyo para la exitosa consecución del proyecto en plazo y presupuesto.

Quality Assurance

A step further in promoting excellence for European and worldwide Pharma, Biotech, and Academic stakeholders.


Comprehensive and extensive experience in the design and analysis of clinical studies. 

Clinical Trial Start-Up

We coordinate the preparation and review of the necessary documentation to start a clinical trial in any center across the Iberian Peninsula, from early development to Phase IV, non-interventional trials, investigator-initiated trials, clinical investigations with medical devices and other projects.

Clinical Trial Monitoring 

Nuestros capacitados y experimentados monitores garantizan las tareas de control y monitorización bajo los más altos estándares de calidad, durante la revisión de datos y la interacción continua con los centros del estudio.

CRF & Clinical Data Management

At the FTH we believe in providing high quality clinical data management to support our clients' product development needs to launch medicines to market asap and effectively.

Regulatory and Medical Writing

Supervisión médico-científica de las actividades de investigación que incluyen redacción clínica y regulatoria, así como comunicaciones científicas, consultoría sobre redacción médica y material educativo.

Pharmacovigilance (PV)

Most out-of-the box trends in pharmacovigilance with a culture focused upon process improvement, utilizing innovative strategies to drive efficiencies targeting practical investments in game-changing initiatives.


Our customers possess the viable possibility to choose expertise from an extensive range of consultants to match their needs and reach a successful design and analysis of Clinical Trials

Over 25 years of experience in R&D Drug Discovery