The Teófilo Hernando Foundation (FTH) focuses its activities on all phases of the discovery and development of new medicines, the training of young researchers in this field and the support of social activities in the scientific and cultural scenarios. Our commitment for the last 25 years is focused on the discovery of new medicines to improve the health of citizens.

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Preclinical Research

know more about our preclinical research services.

Clinical Research

We are a different CRO with a unique vision. The benefits we obtain through applied research projects are invested on basic research activities and capacity building projects within R&D research framework.

Education & Training

We have contributed for over 25 years to the training of new professionals in Medicine Discovery R&D.

Let us know how our Team of Experts may help you succeed in your project / proposal / capacity building activity.

+ 20 years of experience

in medicines Research&Development


  patients and healthy volunteers includen in clinical trials 


clinical trials coordinated across Europe


Master gradutaes working in R&D companies


active ingredients studied

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